“Community Engagement”

1.   Supports one of Eagan City Council strategic goals, namely to foster civic engagement

2.   Was one of two goals identified by a leaders’ group known as OurEagan which was facilitated by 360s Communities from January 2009 to Spring 2012

3.  Green Ribbon Initiatives provides organizational process to broaden and deepen community engagement in Eagan by recognizing and celebrating significant community engagement partnerships and initiatives.

4.  Three of the organizing Leadership Team members of Green Ribbon Initiatives served on that Our Eagan leadership process:  Tom Hedges, Paula Forbes and Jim Borgschatz.

5.  At the completion of the prior effort, this idea of a recognition effort not to replicate any other effort, but to inspire even more good things, was developed throughout 2012 and then was incorporated in 2013  The name “Green Ribbon” for this recognition/celebration process came out of discussions with City staff when exploring community engagement initiatives after the OurEagan leadership group disbanded.