Art Works Eagan and Fourteen Community Partners

Green Ribbon Board Member Don Hoeft presenting Art Works Eagan President Jerri Neddermeyer with the award.

Green Ribbon Initiatives, a non-profit corporation founded in the spring of 2013, is pleased to announce its recognition of significant community partnerships.  Recognition is being given to partnerships between Art Works Eagan and 14 partners including the Rotary Club of Eagan, Kick-Start Rotary of Eagan, Eagan Art House, Wescott Library, Glacier Hills Elementary School, Home Federal, Blue CrossBlue Shield of MN, Eagan Sam’s Club, Eagan Art Festival Board, Caponi Art Park, The Eagan Foundation, Eagan Artist Connect, Eagan Theater Company, and the City of Eagan Parks and Recreation Department for partnering in a way that enhances the lives of community residents.  Partner contributions include financial donations, fund raising efforts, volunteering, promotion and collaborative events.

Creative communities at their best bring innovative solutions to everyday problems.  Artists and makers influence the outside world in positive ways. Art Works Eagan offers access to work space, display space, performance space and collaborative work environments.

Community engagement connects people from all walks of life. Connected communities enjoy a higher standard of living and improved overall wellness.  Everyone benefits from viewing the world through the eyes of others. Sustainable nonprofit business models are needed to serve our communities. Outside sources enhance funding possibilities and need not be responsible for everyday operations.  With a place to call home, Art Works Eagan can sustain itself with varied, mission-related income sources such as studio rental, facility rental and membership fees.

Art Works Eagan has recently secured its own facility in the former Fire Administration Building on the early City Hall location in the center of Eagan and successfully celebrated its initial art show and open house on October 15th with many residents in attendance.  In the first two weeks alone since purchase of the facility, Art Works Eagan benefited from more than 200 hours of community volunteerism.

Art Works Eagan clearly demonstrates that partnerships – working together – can and do create more than any one entity can achieve on its own.  These partnerships draw many levels of the community together organizationally to accomplish a project. More than a single event, these are on-going partnerships with potential for civic, educational, individual and corporate benefit.

The partnerships formed to accomplish this by Art Works Eagan Art Works of Eagan are highly commendable and obviously effective in creating and developing this dynamic benefit for Eagan, its residents and organizations.