Green Ribbon Initiatives is a non-profit corporation founded in the spring of 2013 for the purpose of identifying and celebrating significant Eagan community engagement initiatives and partnerships. To that purpose, Green Ribbon Initiatives will present an award to exemplary initiatives in Eagan, which build relationships and a collective sense of community in Eagan while promoting sustainable action that strengthens community engagement.

The recognition process is meant to support and encourage the cultivation, motivation and coordination of multiple levels of community resources available to strengthen community.

Community engagement is understood as individuals and organizations working together on common interests for mutual benefit and in the interest of the larger community.

Green Ribbon Initiatives seeks to weave engagement into the community fabric and address barriers to engagement when they are identified.

Desired results from the Green Ribbon Initiatives community engagement awards include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing the sense of community in Eagan
  • Increasing the ability to improve community at all levels
  • Increasing the utilization of volunteers, especially the aging in place
  • Increasing awareness of community engagement by a wider circle of persons
  • Encourage community engagement with increasing volunteerism and voter turn out.

Green Ribbon Initiatives was incorporated in the State of Minnesota as a non-profit corporation. The official address is 734 Cheshire Court, Eagan, MN 55123

How to help?
1. Nominate a significant community engagement initiative
2. Volunteer to serve on one of the teams for Communication, Operations, or Selection. 3. Help tell the story of Green Ribbon Initiatives

The Leadership Team (from left to right):  Jim Borgschatz (president), Gene VanOverbeke (treasurer), Tom Hedges, Brenda Johnson, Don Hoeft (corporate secretary), Jamie Hopkins, and Mark Streed

More information about the Green Ribbon Initiatives Leadership, click here.

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